Import Alliance // Spring Meet ’14


Import Alliance meets have only gotten bigger and better since the very first event in 2006.  I’m sure the founders of IA envisioned large turnouts of all kinds of automotive enthusiasts, but never imagined this event would take on the size it has so quickly.  This year’s spring meet was the second year in a row at Atlanta Motor Speedway, but this time, attendees got to park on the infield rather than the surrounding parking lots outside of the track.  The excitement of Saturday being six hours away, as I arrived at my hotel.  The exhaust notes of thousands of cars could be heard as they came down the road searching for their hotels.  The cars were going every which way filling the streets, creating a perfect view to just sit and watch outside the room.

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Freestyle Drift // Drifting in the South East


This past weekend we had an opportunity to see the future of drifting in the Southeast! Silver Dragon Racing invited us up for the innagural Freestyle Drift event! So naturally we loaded up the trusty Miata and headed to the border of NC and VA to check out the facilities of the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCCAR). Silver Dragon Racing brought out not only a rowdy S13 with an LS, but an S13 coupe packing an SR20 with nitrous to spool the turbo, as well as a bunch of cool people to this beautiful track!

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